10 Surprising Facts About Dildos You Never Knew


Buying a dildo might seem taboo to some people because they have never owned or used one before. If you are considering getting a dildo for yourself, Each of the ten facts below might be the reason you need to buy your own dildo. Don’t be afraid to buy a dildo so that you can make yourself happy, relax, and even please your partner. 

10. Dildos Fit Onto Fucking Machines

Before you even think of buying a dildo, you need to remember that dildos are one half of a fucking machine that you might buy for the house. Fucking machines have a motor that will make you feel amazing as the dildo does its job. You could even fit your new dildo to a fucking machine if you want to have a good time by yourself every night.

9. They Are Extremely Clean

Dildos are extremely clean because they are either made from rubber, silicone, metal, or glass. Huge Glass Plug are very easy to clean, and silicone dildos do not hold onto a smell. You will never know that you have a dildo in your sock drawer because it does not announce its presence.

8. They Come In All Lengths

Get the dildo that is the length you have always wanted to use. Dildos come in so many sizes that you can pick the size that you want to build up to. You could test your partner using a long dildo, or you could get a very thick dildo to give yourself to most sensation.

7. They Are Colorful

You do not have to get a boring black dildo or a bright pink dildo if you do not want. You can pick the color you actually like the most, and you can pick a dildo that suits your personality. You could even go so far as getting a dildo in your partner’s favourite color.

6. They Vibrate

Some vibrators are not dildos, but some dildos can vibrate. You can get a nice dildo that is the right length and width, and you can let that dildo vibrate because it will give you a lot of sensation. You should not get a vibrating dildo when you want something that you can insert in yourself or your partner. 

5. Dildos Work With Strap-Ons

Dildos work well with strap-ones because you can change to the size and shape you want. You might choose a series of dildos that you can switch out at-will, and you could use a certain dildo with a certain partner. 

4. Dildos Are Good For Experimenting

Dildos are a good thing to use for sexual experimentation. Get a dildo when you would like to do sex by yourself. You do not need to wait for someone to have sex with you because you might not be comfortable. Plus, you can use the dildo at your own pace, with lube, or with another device.

3. Dildos Are Affordable

You can get dildos at good prices, and you can even buy a large set of them because they are so affordable.

2. Dildos Are Safe

Dildos are very safe to use because they are long enough that they do not get stuck, work well with lube, and have a shape that will not damage your skin or cause tissue ruptures.

1. Dildos Are Exciting

Get a dildo for your partner and unlock their imagination. You deserve to have a great sex life, but you cannot get started until you find a dildo that is perfect for you. You can buy the perfect dildo that will get you off every night.