Buy Adult Sex Toys Online and Ring in the New Year


The countdown counter doesn’t have to be the only ball dropping on December 31st. If you want to get some balls to drop a load in your stocking this New Year’s Eve, then you can help yourself out. Buy bondage toys and turn your New Year’s celebrations up a notch – make New Year’s day a sexy holiday, and ring in the New Year stress-free. If you need someone to join you in watching the New Year’s countdown, then go online to find a Zoom friend, or just cozy up with your favorite dildo or strapon. If you attach it to a body pillow or doll, it’ll be like someone’s actually there with you! And the added benefit of fucking a sex toy: unlike a boyfriend, you don’t need to deal with all of the annoying comments afterward. That’s right ladies (or gents), you can get everything you need this holiday season, even without the help of any particular person. You can be a strong independent woman all on your own this upcoming New Year’s.

The key is being creative with the tools that you have and the tools you can get your hands on. If you want to countdown the New Year, you can do so in style with an anal cone. With a ribbed 12 inch cone, you can stick it in your ass inch by inch until January 1. If you’re new, you can start with 1 inch. If you need some girth, then sit on the cone until you feel that sweet stretch in your hole. Maybe a whole cone is too much for you, in which case you can start with a smaller anal toy. Maybe it’s just right, and you’re the type who can take it all the way down. See how far you can go and take even more of it every day, so that when New Years’ comes, you can also come, hard, too. 

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Buy Bondage Toys and Make New Year’s a Sexy Affair

Holiday movies are a staple of the winter break tradition. If you get into 50 Shades of Grey, for example, you can make your New Year’s even more fun by getting into the bondage game yourself. Whether it be bondage, anal, cum sleeves, or Fleshlights, buy adult sex toys online and let your raging hormones go wild before the ball drops on December 31st. Get your partner involved with a range of bondage toys, found on your favorite sex toy shops online, or with anal toys to use on yourself or him or her. Whatever your situation may be, you can ring in the New Year right if you have access to sex toys that can make you come so hard you forget what day or year it actually is.

The ball dropping is an iconic moment of New Year’s that comes once a year. If you want a sex toy with levels, that you can drop down onto like the ball dropping on New Year’s, then try an anal cone with extra ribbing. If you are into the excitement surrounding the countdown to the New Year, then why not start your own countdown. Count down the inches you can take on a dildo or anal toy by putting it deeper inside of you every day until January 1.