What Makes the Best Anal Vibrators On the Market?


Because we don’t really talk about anal vibrators openly, consumers of sex toys don’t know all there is to know about extremely intimate products such as anal vibrators. Sure, the embarrassment of talking about something that has to do with the butthole and sexual pleasure is a big taboo in our and many other societies. But as with other embarrassing topics, getting them out in the open can help those who have a need to be thinking about topics such as sex, self-care, and physical-emotional balance in the time of the pandemic.

In theory, an enormous swath of people would benefit from being more in-touch with their private body parts. However in reality most people are unwilling to discuss or even think about sex toys like anal dildos and vibrating butt plugs. So in order to understand why you may want to get your hands on some of the best anal vibrators in the market, and to get the ball rolling on dialogues on sex and masturbation, particularly around the touchy (no pun intended!) subject of the anal cavuty, this quick guide will go through the basics of anal toys. 

The Cowgirl Machine and More: What Types of Sex Toys and Anal Tools May Be Right for You

To start with, there are a couple of basic choices you may want to make before you dive into buying an anal sex toy. First of all, how big are you looking for? You may be dreaming of an enormous schlong to rip you open, but is your hole ready for one? Next, what strength of vibration do you want to choose? Do you want to spend money on a product with eight different speeds, or do you only need one rhythm to hit your spot? What kind of texture or material do you like? Do you have any allergies? Do you need a vegan product?

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Depending on your experience level and preference, you may have different answers to all of these questions. As a general guideline, if you are a beginner to anal toys, you may want to start with a product that is not so big. If you shock yourself by trying to shove a massive cock-shaped dildo in your butt you could give yourself a seriously unpleasant time. In fact, a beginner anal toy doesn’t even need to look exactly like a penis: many customers prefer models like the egg-shaped Lovense Hush or other smaller, rounder plugs to ease them in.

If you want to be more adventurous, consider buying the cowgirl machine. With washable vegan leather, this sex toy, more like a bull-riding machine with a nicely shaped stub on top, can help you reach your climax with extra excitement and movement. Furthermore, having been co-signed by companies like Vice and Men’s Health, you can be sure you’re buying a quality product.

Buy a Bondage Kit to Accent Your Anal Toys

So what might inspire you to buy a bondage kit on top of an anal vibrator? Exploration, of course! Many consumers, once they start buying adult toys, learn more and more about their sexual desires and needs. Bondage kits can compliment a first-time anal toy purchase by allowing a partner to come in to the equation. Who knows, maybe licking a rubber boot while tied up is the perfect way to enjoy a vibrating dildo in your asshole.

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